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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

New and Recent App Updates: App Marketplace Highlights

What is it?
Explore 57 new apps in HubSpot’s App Marketplace, such as the Workflows app, simplifying project automation and client management. Plus, discover updates to more than 30 apps, with new added features that include:


  • Microsoft Teams allows you to take quick actions from notifications, by responding to important updates directly in Microsoft Teams, which helps save time.
  • PandaDoc | eSignatures & More now offers improved bi-directional sync with HubSpot, facilitating seamless data flow, custom workflows, and enhanced reliability, ultimately saving users time and minimizing errors.
  • Salesforce and HubSpot now sync bidirectionally custom object data, making it easier to manage and keep data consistent between the two platforms.
  • DocuSign lets you now customize fields, improve design, and ensure stability, making it simpler to manage envelopes from contact records.
  • OrgChartHub improves AI org chart creation with new features like Buying Group Blueprint and Smart Suggestions, saving time for sales teams and boosting SalesHub's value.
  • Surfe now offers all features to all HubSpot users and phone enrichment support from Aircall.
  • Skyvia now ensures improved reliability and automatically refreshes tokens, reducing errors and eliminating manual token management for users.
  • Gong’s update integrates interactions into HubSpot, enriches call data with AI insights, and enhances HubSpot sync, improving customer experience with bi-directional functionality and enriched CRM data.
  • Livestorm’s new features include improved technical performance and security, and AI-friendly documentation for easier use, aiming to enhance user experience and drive growth. 
  • Associ8 introduces new label peeler and unassociate features, making data management easier by automatically handling cluttered labels and unassociating records.
  • Salesmsg now allows HubSpot users to send Ringless Voicemail messages from workflows, offering a new way to engage audiences with personalized audio messages.
  • Qwilr introduces deal automation features, enabling users to automate tasks and assign them to HubSpot templates.
  • Lucky Orange added four new CRM cards displaying recent heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and chat logs for users, with iframe functionality for direct access from HubSpot.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 now can easily enroll in sequences or book meetings in Dynamics 365, without switching between platforms.
  • G2 introduces new features, like account filtering, product categorization, and faster data syncing, alongside completed technical reviews and updated documentation.
  • NetSuite now allows users to categorize marketing leads and manage sequences or meetings directly from NetSuite, streamlining CRM and prospecting tasks without switching platforms.
  • Aloware now gives users control over data syncing between Aloware and HubSpot, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Planhat introduces bidirectional syncing, letting users customize how data is filtered and managed. You can add contacts from different places, enhance HubSpot fields with Planhat insights, and automate upselling based on product usage.
  • Portant | Google Docs & eSign now integrates with HubSpot workflows, allowing users to create documents and request signatures directly, saving time and simplifying paperwork tasks.
  • Trumpet streamlines sales efforts within HubSpot by enabling calendar sharing, personalizing Pods with CRM data, tracking buyer activity, and facilitating quick proposal creation, providing instant buyer insights.
  • Appcues offers a simplified 3-step integration with HubSpot, improving sync speed and enabling targeting based on company data.
  • Demio's updates include cleaning up scopes and vulnerabilities, updating plan pricing, and adding features like event registration via HubSpot workflows and CRM card for event management.
  • now provides QR code capabilities for event attendees within HubSpot, making it the only event app with this feature.
  • June improves sync interface, customizable frequency, detailed tracking, and clear error messages, making it a top choice for product analytics.
  • Kiflo PRM streamlines collaboration between software companies and agencies, offering customizable portals for shared resources, optimizing partner programs.
  • Pendo offers a bi-directional sync with HubSpot, enabling enhanced customer engagement and retention through integrated insights.
  • CloneNer now automatically clones deals based on customer rules, with a new user interface and improved performance, simplifying data management and eliminating manual setup.
  • Affiliate & Creator added a new CRM card that shows referral partner details from, helping joint customers streamline referral processes and improve sales team efficiency.
  • Sequential allows you to assign easy-to-remember sequential numbers, replacing record IDs, which helps manufacturing and product-based businesses.
  • Chatsimple AI Copilot now captures user questions in HubSpot, giving clients better insights into lead acquisition and providing detailed conversation context for lead generation.
  • Task Assistant now offers filtering options, making it easier for admins to automate tasks, especially those created through workflows or sequences, and simplifying task management.


Why does it matter?

HubSpot’s App Marketplace offers over 1,500 apps, continuously expanding with new additions and enhancements. Leveraging these updated and new apps enables customers to enhance their growth journey with HubSpot.


How does it work?

Navigate to HubSpot’s App Marketplace via the marketplace icon in the top right of your HubSpot portal. Browse the App Marketplace and select an app, then follow the prompts to install it.


Who gets it?

The HubSpot App Marketplace is available to all customers. Access will vary depending on which app customers use: reference the app’s listing page in HubSpot’s App Marketplace for required subscription levels and permissions. 

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