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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

New Features for Enhanced Slack App for Account-Based Collaboration

Now live are two new features for the HubSpot-built app for Slack that enable you to collaborate around target accounts within a dedicated Slack channel for all team members. In May, we released account-based marketing (ABM) features that create a dedicated Slack channel from workflows, post KPIs with the report command, and share notes to and from the Slack channel. With today's update, you can now:
  1. Sync Call Info & Notify Slack Channel: Post a Slack notification to an associated channel to notify your team that a call occurred (and list the outcome).
  2. Use a '/hs-buying-committee' Command: This will post relevant buyer-committee info to the associated Slack channel.
For businesses selling and marketing to enterprises, deals and customers get pretty complicated.

Imagine you are a sales rep and you have a target account that you have identified with your team. You are excited about the opportunity with this account, and you want to get everyone across the team involved in the conversation -- from marketing to sales, legal, product, etc.
The updated HubSpot-built app for Slack features new ABM tools that allow you to do just that. These features bring even more power to the collaboration ability for teams within Slack.
1. Sync company and associated contacts/deals calls to the channel associated with a company.
You can now sync call information directly to the dedicated Slack channel. For example, let’s call Facebook.
After a call is started, we receive this Slack notification about that call.
Let’s record the call type, outcome, and leave some notes within HubSpot.
The message is now updated in Slack when you update the call in HubSpot, so that everyone on your team has clear visibility into the status and results of the call.
2. /hs-buying-committee command.
Using `/hs-buying-committee` command in your dedicated Slack Channel will pull in relevant buying committee information for the company, which can be posted directly to the channel.
These new features are now live and available to all Sales and Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers in all languages supported by HubSpot.