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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

New Developer tools (Timeline & Webhooks APIs) Now Live

We're very excited to introduce two new tools that developers can use to build and improve their integrations with HubSpot. Why build on HubSpot? 

We’re releasing the Timeline API from beta. This is a developer tool that make it easy to build systems that share data with HubSpot. The API beta is already used by our technology partners, agencies and direct customers to send information to HubSpot, today access and documentation will be opened for all customers and partners.

Introducing the Webhooks API:
HubSpot’s Webhooks API syncs data to your app from HubSpot in near real time. You can subscribe to Contact, Company, and Deal creation, property update, and deletion events in HubSpot, and we’ll push that data to your app anytime one of the events occurs. If your app is used by multiple customers, you can configure Webhooks once and they’ll work across all portals connected to your app, and we handle error retries and logging on your behalf.

How it works:
Anyone can create a developer account and access the new documentation. 
Timeline Documentation
Webhooks Documentation

Examples of integrations build on the Timeline API.

Use Cases:
Marketing: This allows other systems and apps to write on the contact timeline in HubSpot. This can mean adding important data or creating new contacts all together. Marketers love new leads, and can use this data to build custom lists and segments. This can then be turned into an email marketing campaign, a nurturing campaign and much more.

Sales: In the CRM the Timeline API adds data to a contact's information. Giving salespeople more information about their prospects, allowing them to build a better connection and trust faster. The can also build customer views with integration data.

Customers: This opens up the Timeline API to direct customers. If you have developers who have built an internal tool or system, this will allow you to port data into HubSpot from that system. 

Agency Partners: Technical Agencies can use use these APIs in your custom builds for clients. If you are building apps or developing systems that capture and store information you can now port that data into a customer record in HubSpot.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!