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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

New Collected Forms Dashboard in Leadin

In addition to Leadin’s Lead Flows tool, our Collected Forms tool collects submissions on your website's existing forms -- making it possible to consolidate all your leads into your Leadin contacts database, regardless of which form your visitors submit on your website.

With this update …

You now have more control over which forms you’d like integrated with your email provider and which ones you receive email notifications for.

Additionally, you can now access even more information about your collected forms, including the most recent page a submission was collected on, when Leadin first found that form, and the original CSS selectors of the form.

Need a refresher?

Leadin is a free lead capture and contact insights tool, created by HubSpot, that allows businesses to convert site visitors, collect valuable insights on their web traffic, and manage and route leads.

Collected Forms is a lead consolidation tool that makes it possible to automatically pump all visitors submitting forms on your website into your contacts database -- specifically third-party forms that are not built within Leadin or HubSpot.

How to take advantage of this update:

Within Collected Forms in Leadin, you’ll find an on/off switch in the top-right, which will look like this:


Once enabled, the tool will detect form submissions on your website as they come in and will subsequently create new forms in Collected Forms. Once generated, you will find a row in the dashboard as shown here:


This includes some high-level data on the forms, and additional information inside the sidebar which can be expanded by clicking on any row.

To learn more about Collected Forms, read our full guide here. Not yet using Leadin? Get started now.It's totally free.