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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

New CMS Apps in the App Marketplace

To help you get the most out of CMS Hub, we've launched a slew of new apps within the App Marketplace. These apps provide you with the resources you'll need to quickly adopt the CMS, and extend the functionality of our CMS to meet your specific business' needs. These apps range from enabling ecommerce checkouts on your website, to creating dynamic real estate listings, and more.

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Here are some highlights:

CMS/Content focused apps:

  • BoldStack: Manage your HubDB tables in an easy to use interface without a developer & easily render the tables on CMS pages.
  • Campaign Warrior: Audit, tag & fix all of your CMS pages in minutes.
  • Checkout HQ: Implement simple ecommerce checkout on your CMS pages without needing a developer.
  • eZo: Setup an online store quickly & easily on HubSpot’s CMS - no developer needed.
  • FindIt: Create filtering and search functionality for your HubSpot website without a developer.
  • HubLMS: A robust learning management system built on the CMS.
  • RealCity: Real Estate custom objects & website templates with an optional MLS integration.

Other additions to the App Marketplace: 

  • Deepneurals: A machine learning, predictive lead scoring tool to help reps close leads faster.
  • Main Evntz: A digital event planning app that works seamlessly with  HubSpot’s Contact, Company & Marketing Event objects.
  • Paasporter:  Keep your HubSpot data synced with all other data sources for true closed loop reporting.

Navigate to the App Marketplace to search for and install any of these apps. Each app listing page will have a description of how it works, how to install it, and other general information such as pricing and terms.