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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

More Granular Control Over Salesforce Activity Syncing

task-sync-settings.jpgUsing Sidekick for Business or HubSpot CRM alongside Salesforce? Now, we're giving you full control over which activities sync to Salesforce, when, and how. It's a useful improvement that will help ensure your sales team has the information they need and nothing they don't. You'll be able to - 
  • Granularly set which activities (calls, emails, document activity, and more) in HubSpot CRM or Sidekick for Business are synced to Salesforce
  • Select which Salesforce Activity Type your activities are set as
  • Select whether or not Salesforce created tasks can sync back to HubSpot

To view and edit these new settings, visit Settings > Configuration > View Integrations from HubSpot CRM or Sidekick for Business.