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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

More Flexible Filtering for your HubSpot Dashboards

Your reporting needs aren't one-size-fits-all, and your dashboards shouldn't be either.

With that in mind, today, your HubSpot dashboards just got a whole lot more flexible with two specific updates:

  1. You no longer need to set dashboard-level filters. With this update, you can now include individual reports with different date ranges, owner or pipeline filters, all in the same dashboard.

  2. If you use the reporting add-on, you can now filter your custom dashboards by owner and pipeline. Previously, those filters were only available on the default marketing and sales dashboards.

With these updates, here's what's now possible in HubSpot for the very first time:

  • Build a dashboard with different reports reflecting different time ranges. Want to see a chart showing your yearly lead gen metrics right next to a waterfall of your monthly MQL numbers? With the new functionality, that’s quick and easy. No need to create multiple dashboards to compare date ranges.

  • Filter individual reports to specific users. For example, as a sales manager, zoom in on the opportunity-to-close funnel for two different reps on the same dashboard.

  • Put two pipelines next to each other. For example, look at your new vs. existing business pipelines side-by-side.


How it works

The key to the new functionality is this: Prior to today’s change, each of your HubSpot dashboards was required to have a “global” context --- date range, owner, and pipeline --- that applied to every report on the dashboard. Like this:

With today’s change, setting these global filters is optional:

If you choose to set any of these filters, they’ll apply to every report on the dashboard. If not, the dashboard displays each individual report in its original context, which can now be fully set at the report level on the dashboard, or within the custom builder:

individual report filter.png

As an added bonus, with this change, these “global” filters can now be applied to any dashboard, not just the default marketing and sales dashboards:


The new, more flexible filtering is now available to all HubSpot Marketing and CRM customers. Head over to your marketing or sales dashboard now to check it out.