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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

More Easily Manage Your Team's Reporting Dashboards

If you run a customer-facing team, you need full visibility into your team's metrics on a regular basis, to ensure you're making the best strategic decisions. 

In HubSpot, your metrics often live on dashboards, collections of up to ten related reports that can be quickly created and distributed. But while dashboard creation and distribution has been straightforward, dashboard management has been less than ideal. Up to now, there's been no central place for an admin to view and delete dashboards. So if, for example, one of your managers left the company, finding and updating or deleting that manager's dashboards would've been nearly impossible.

With today's updates, as an account admin, you now have full visibility and control of your team's dashboards via a brand new dashboard management console: 


Here's how it works:

When viewing a dashboard, click the dashboard name in top left. In the Dashboard selection dropdown, click on “Manage dashboards” at the bottom. This opens the brand new dashboard management console, where you can see all of the custom dashboards, their creators, and their visibility status. To delete a dashboard, click the checkbox next to it, then click the delete button above. 

The new dashboard management console is now live in all Professional and Enterprise accounts, across hubs.