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by: HubSpot Moderator
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Meet GrowthBot from HubSpot Labs!

growthbot.pngWhen you’re growing a business, your day is filled with countless to-dos, questions, and data-pulls. These needs arise all the time and not always at the most convenient times. GrowthBot makes you just a little bit faster at doing just about anything.  

GrowthBot, a new experiment fresh out of HubSpot Labs, is a personal assistant for marketing and sales. GrowthBot helps you become more efficient by placing information and common marketing and sales tasks within the reach of a single message or command.

What is GrowthBot?

GrowthBot is a chatbot - a piece of software that you can interact with, often in a conversational way using text interfaces like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack and others. So, instead of sending a message to a colleague asking "Hey how was organic traffic to our site last week?", you'd be able to ask a chatbot that would then respond automatically.

What can GrowthBot do?

While GrowthBot is a very early experiment right now, here are some things you can currently ask GrowthBot to do.

GrowthBot can answer some general questions that probably come up during your day -

  • Tell me about [Person’s email]
  • Company Info on [Company website domain]
  • Show me the top articles on [blog or website]
  • What are the top articles about [topic]
  • What tech does [website] use?
  • Show me something funny

GrowthBot can also connect to your HubSpot account (and a few other tools like Google Analytics) giving you a new way to carry out some basic tasks. For example -

    • Connect my HubSpot Account
    • Start blog [blog title]
    • Add contact [email]
    • Find lead [lead email]
    • What was my traffic last week / last month / last year?
    • How many contacts did we add last month?
    • How many customers did we get last week/month/year?
    • (Google Analytics) How is traffic this week?

Why build GrowthBot? Where is this going?

It’s hard to avoid the discussion about messaging, bots, and how chat-like interfaces might find their way into many different aspects of our lives in the years to come.

For marketers and sales teams, the rise of messaging & bots is especially important. Not only is it likely to streamline the ways we work, but it could also have a substantial impact on how people shop, buy, and interact with companies in the not-too-distant future.

For the HubSpot Labs team, this feels like a big deal. By getting started with GrowthBot, our hope is to learn both how messaging and chat can make for a better experience when using HubSpot, and the implications it has for how our customers’ prospects and customers shop and buy.

GrowthBot is in early beta. Want to give it a try?

GrowthBot is a very early idea that is in beta today - meaning we are still testing it, learning how people use it, and improving it every day. If you want to give GrowthBot a try, you can use it on these messaging apps -

  • Facebook Messenger (send a message to @growthbot)
  • Slack (just DM the @growthbot user and message "hello" to get started).  Or, if you're in a discussion thread or group, just start a message with "/growthbot
  • SMS (just send a message "hello") to 617-202-2112
  • Email - more details on this coming soon