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May 2023 Release Notes

Featured Update of the Month

A Workspace for Prospecting



We are building a dedicated workspace for sales reps that consolidates the entire prospecting experience in HubSpot. This workspace will help reps organize their day efficiently, keep them focused on their daily activities, surface new or urgent activities requiring their attention, and tie everything they do to their big-picture goals. As a result, sales reps that now prospect in HubSpot will feel confident that they can consistently generate enough opportunities to reach and exceed their business goals. 


We believe that by introducing a strong prospecting solution, we will help our customers generate more opportunities while making Sales Hub more competitive against point solutions like Salesloft and Outreach.


*available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers

**This feature is currently in Public Beta


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Marketing Hub

WhatsApp Module

This module allows marketers and content creators to add a WhatsApp link to their page making it easy for their customers to start a conversation with their business. 


*available to Marketing Hub and Service Hub Pro+ customers


Approvals for Sending Marketing Emails

The ability for marketers to request approval before sending a marketing email.


*available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers only


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Automation in Starter for Ads

Marketing Hub Starter customers can now create simple workflows in ad campaign creation and management. This now unlocks the ability for our Starter customers to create simple yet powerful automation tasks such as sending a follow up email after getting an ad interaction from within Ad Campaign Creation and Management. 


*available to Marketing Hub Starter+ customers


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Decide Who Can Skip Marketing Email Approvals

Admins can now decide who can publish or schedule marketing emails without requesting an approval first.


*available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers only


Track Individual Campaign Budget and Spend Items

We have upgraded the way you can track and manage your Campaign budget and spend. Each Campaign now includes a dedicated “budget” space to help you track individual Campaign budget and spend items.


This new functionality allows you to:

  • Track detailed Campaign budget and spend information via individual line items
  • Track the total Campaign budget and spend per Campaign
  • Track the remaining budget considering the Campaign spend 


*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers 


Facebook CAPI for Forms

HubSpot has expanded our integration with Facebook’s Conversion API. The Conversions API is designed to create a direct connection between your marketing data and the systems which help optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and measure results across Meta technologies. 


Now you can send any HubSpot form fill event data back to Meta as a conversion in an easy to use integration. 


*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Sales Hub

Custom Goals for Custom Objects

Custom Goals have become even more customizable! You can now create custom goals for all your custom objects and numeric properties. This update can be accessed through the Custom Goals wizard in the Goals App. 


*available to Sales and Service Hub Enterprise customers

**Note: Custom event-based goals and date/date-time goals aren’t supported yet


Local Ireland HubSpot Provided Numbers Available

We’re expanding country support for HubSpot provided numbers. Local numbers in Ireland are now available with more countries to follow. 


*available to Sales and Service Hub Starter+ customers


Book Meetings on Behalf of Other Users

We’re introducing a new feature that enables users to schedule meetings for their peers within the meeting scheduling flow - making it easier for teams to understand who is booking meetings and for whom. With this feature, users can also use “created by” and “assigned to” filters in reports to track business development reps (BDRs) booking meetings and account executives (AEs) hosting them.


*available to customers with a paid Sales Hub Pro+ seat 


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Customize Header and Footer on Deal Boards

You can now customize the header and footer on your deal boards. 


Admins can now customize the following:

  • Show “stage summary” either in the board header or footer
  • Edit the second property to display in the “stage summary”
    • Rather than the current default of “Total” and “Weighted”, you can select “Average” or remove the second property entirely
  • Show or hide the workflow indicator on stages that have workflows


*Free and Sales Starter: customization will be applied to all pipelines

**Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise: customization can be applied per pipeline


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Service Hub

Use Snippets and Rich Text Formatting in Playbooks

Introducing snippets support in playbook note fields. Now, you can save commonly used phrases as snippets and reuse them in playbook notes with ease. Plus, you can format your notes using rich text editing tools.


*available to Sales and Service Hub Pro+ customers


Global Capacity Limits for Live Chat Agents

Admins can set capacity limits for all of their live agents, ensuring that agents are not automatically assigned chats when they are over their capacity limit. 


*available to Service Hub Enterprise customers


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Playbooks are now available on Custom Object Records

You can now access playbooks directly from custom object record pages.


*available to Sales and Service Hub Pro+ customers 



Form + Preview Editor for HubDB Rows

A new form-based editor for HubDB rows, with a preview of how the row will look as a dynamically generated page. 


*available to CMS Hub Pro+ customers


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HubSpot’s New Re-Imagined CTAs Tool

You can now create different types of CTAs for all your needs: pop-ups, slide-ins, embeddable buttons or banners, without the help of a developer or a designer. Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor you get full flexibility to style your CTA exactly the way you want while also ensuring it’s consistent with your website and brand guidelines. These CTAs work both on HubSpot and external CMS pages.


*available to Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Starter+ customers


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Commerce & Payments

Forms Multiple Payment Links

Payment Forms have been updated to allow customers to include multiple payment links on a Form. Based on their selection, visitors will be redirected to the checkout page for the payment link they have selected.


*available to all Payments customers

**HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. -based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub


Edit Subscriptions with HubSpot Payments

With this new improvement for subscription changes, you can now edit ongoing subscriptions billed in HubSpot. Forget canceling subscriptions to make changes to the underlying products, their prices, quantities and discounts offered and edit subscriptions in HubSpot with ease. 


*available to all Payments customers

**HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. -based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub


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Payment Revenue Reporting Dashboard

The out-of-the-box revenue reporting dashboard is now available in the Dashboard Library. This dashboard aims to empower you with a detailed view on your revenue collected with HubSpot Payments, top & bottom product performers, and top sales performers. 


*available to all Payments customers

**HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. -based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub


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App Marketplace & Integrations

New QuickBooks Online Integration Powered by Data Sync

The new QuickBooks Online integration is now available in HubSpot’s App Marketplace. Powered by data sync, the two-way syncing engine behind Operations Hub, this integration offers:

  • Two-way contact sync
  • Two-way product sync
  • The ability to sync QuickBooks invoices to HubSpot
  • Advanced sync settings
  • Sync insights including: in sync, failing and excluded


*available to all HubSpot customers - except for anyone who has the previous version of QuickBooks integration installed

**In order to avoid duplication of data, these customers are currently prevented from installing the new QuickBooks integration


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Multi-Hub Updates

Record Association Tables: Search, Quick Filters, and Pagination

Record association table improvements include new search, quick filter, and pagination features. You can now find the information you’re looking for more quickly. 

  • Search: Use the search box to find the record you’re looking for quickly
  • Quick Filters: Use quick filters to easily filter down records. Includes an association label filter.
  • Pagination: Displays for 5+ records making it easier to search through records with a lot of associations


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Clone Line Items

You can now clone Line Items from within HubSpot’s Line Item Editors. 


*available to all hubs and tiers


Granular Custom Object Permissions

Currently, custom object permissions are set for all custom object types globally and not per each unique custom object type. We are now able to control access granularly for each custom object type.


*available to all Enterprise customers


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Edit a User’s Profile Name and Avatar When Logging in as Another User

Super admin users are now able to edit another user’s profile name and avatar while using the existing log in as user feature; provided the user they wish to edit only exists on one HubSpot account. 


*available to all Enterprise customers


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Goals-based Workflows

The workflow app now supports Goals-based workflows, allowing you to operationalize your goals. This is possible by using already existing goals to set up workflows that can trigger various actions. 


*available to all Sales Hub, Service Hub and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Introducing Weekly and Custom Goal Durations

The Goals app has introduced two new duration options that will allow customers to set goals for a weekly cadence, or a custom timeframe, that can be defined by users. These new options have been added to the pre-existing monthly, quarterly, and yearly durations available in the setup step when creating a goal.


*available to Sales Hub Starter+, Service Hub Pro+ and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Activity Creator Button Redesign

We’re redesigning the activity creator buttons on record pages to make it clearer what each button does and improve accessibility with higher color contrast. 


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Improved Workflows Issue Details Panel with Reminders

All workflow customers can now quickly see the impact of issues within each workflow’s Issue Details panel. This new panel includes the actions and contact records connected to each separate issue. 


Additionally, Enterprise customers can take workflow monitoring a step further by customizing reminders about the workflow issues they want to monitor. Users can choose to ignore trivial issues indefinitely, while critical issues can be set for review every time they occur. Users can also choose to review specific workflow issues on certain dates or after set time periods. 


*available to all Professional+ customers 


New Collection: Enhanced Themes for Marketers

Website Themes & Templates now features a new collection of themes built specifically for marketers. Enhanced with more page templates, styling options, and user-friendly layouts, each theme makes it simpler than ever to publish engaging content, faster. These themes were created and recently updated by HubSpot Solutions Partners or Providers, experts in web design and development.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Updated Edit Permissions Modal 

We’re overhauling the existing edit permissions sidebar modal to provide admins with a more cohesive and comprehensive editing experience for permissions, permission sets, and seats for their end users. We’re also updating the user table to give admins a more direct link to edit permissions - a highly performed action.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Custom Unique IDs for Companies within Import

When importing companies, you can now use any property specified to only accept unique values as a custom unique ID. 


*available to all hubs and tiers

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Large Exports Warning Notification

Super admins can now choose to be notified if a large number of records in their portal have been exported.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Drag and Drop Version of the Collaboration Sidebar in Dashboards

Following the release of the drag and drop version of the collaboration sidebar in Workflows, we are now adding this drag and drop version into HubSpot Dashboards. 


*available to all Professional+ customers


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Sort Report Data by Property Label in the Custom Report Builder

You now have the ability to sort your data by the property label, which allows you to re-sort your report in alphabetical order.


*available to all Professional+ customers


NetSuite Sales Order Pricing, Attachments and More

Creating NetSuite Sales Orders directly from within HubSpot just got more powerful. 


You can now:

  • Choose HubSpot or NetSuite price
  • Send attachments to NetSuite
  • Use NetSuite Assembly Items, Kits/Package Items, and more


*available to all hubs and tiers


Visualize Multiple Measures From the Same Report in the Custom Report Builder

You can now create a report that visualizes multiple metrics from one XY chart.


*available to all Professional+ customers


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Performance Improvements to Inbox Composer

Users will experience improved performance in the Conversations Inbox composer.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Add Conditional Logic to the “Create Record” Form

You can now add conditional logic for enumerated properties (properties with defined options) to the ‘Create record” form for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. This means that certain fields can appear or become required once a specific property value is selected. 


*available to all Professional+ customers


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Require Line Item Association During Deal Creation

Admins will be able to make the line item association mandatory when creating a deal. This means that reps will be required to populate this field at the time of deal creation. 


*available to all Starter+ customers

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