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March 2023 Release Notes

Featured Update of the Month

Customer Journey Analytics





Marketing is getting harder. That's because there's more complexity in the buyer's journey than ever before.

With so many channels for leads to engage with a brand, and so many key milestones in the journey, it's not only become harder to understand which paths lead toward marketing success, it's become harder to identify where you can optimize your marketing operation.

That's why we created Customer Journey Analytics, an incredibly flexible reporting tool that focuses on touchpoints first.

By focusing on the touchpoints (e.g. viewing a landing page, submitting a form, attending a conference, talking to a rep, etc.), you can answer questions like:

  • Which landing pages lead to the highest conversion rates on a form?
  • Does attending a webinar increase or decrease the likelihood that a prospect will book a meeting with a sales rep?
  • Which sequences are the best at converting contacts into customers?

By building for flexibility -- including the ability to include certain lists of contacts in the reports or filtering touchpoints down to specific pages, forms, or campaigns -- we can help marketers report on, understand, and optimize any part of the customer journey.

*available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customer only 


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Marketing Hub

Create a Random Sample From Any List

Easily create a new static list with a select number of randomized members from an existing list.

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Social Composer Full Page Experience

We have a new and improved full page editing layout for creating social posts. 

Now with the full page you can:

1) more quickly create and edit posts to publish across all your pages

2) more easily preview what your post will potentially look like on the social network

3) more clearly see existing features and new features at your fingertips for social post creation

4) more easily learn how to create social media posts, as the new experience follows a familiar pattern & UI in other content creation tools within HubSpot's ecosystem

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


You can now associate ‘Pop-up CTAs’ with your HubSpot Campaign

You can now associate a new type of CTAs with your Campaign. Within the Campaigns product, this new type of CTA is called CTAs (Beta), whilst the original CTAs keep the name of ‘Calls-to-action’. Please note that the naming convention will be adapted over the coming months.

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


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Resolvable Comments

The ability to resolve comments posted in the collaboration sidebar.

*available for all tools in Marketing Hub and CMS Hub that support commenting except CRM. 

**NOTE: Internal comments added in Workflows across subscription tiers can also be marked as resolved.


Granular Permission for Approvals

Permissions to approve marketing emails is now under the “Marketing” tab.

*available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers who have access to Email Approvals Public Beta


Sales Hub

Colored Deal Tags

You can now create colored deal tags, making it easier for sales reps to visually scan the board view and know which deals to prioritize. Super admins can create up to ten (10) deal tags, each based on a set of conditions. Deal tags will appear on board cards when those conditions are met.
*Sales Starter: Deal tags apply to all pipelines
**Sales Professional, Sales Enterprise: Deal tags can be applied to a specific pipeline


Service Hub

Receive Calls in HubSpot

With this new feature, sales and service reps can answer incoming calls, manage missed calls, and listen to voicemails inside HubSpot.

*available to Sales Hub and Service Hub Starter+ customers


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Required Questions in Playbooks

Playbook authors and editors can now make questions required. When a question in a playbook is required, users will be unable to log an engagement or note, or update linked CRM properties until the question has been answered.

*Playbooks are available to Sales Hub and Service Hub Pro+ customers



3 New Crawling & Indexing Recommendations

We are adding 3 new recommendations to the SEO tool under the “Crawling & Indexing” category. These recommendations are:

  1. Confirm the correct pages are blocked by your robot.txt file
  2. Fix broken pages
  3. Verify this page is working properly

*available to CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Drag and Drop Modules in Blog Post Editing

This feature allows you to drag and drop modules into the rich text area of your blog posts, making the blog editing experience simpler and more intuitive. 

*available to all CMS Hub tiers


Filters Now Included in Site Scan Exports

Previously, when exporting recommendations from the SEO site scan tool, we would export every recommendation, even if filters were applied to the dashboard. We’ve now added functionality that applies your selected filters to exports. This allows you to receive more tailored exports based on the technical difficulty, SEO impact, or suggested roles you’d like to prioritize.

*available to CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


Operations Hub

Hide Properties in the Data Quality Command Center

Hiding properties is the ability to hide a property from property insights in the data quality command center. This allows you to monitor and focus on properties with issues that are most relevant to your business.

*available to Operations Hub Pro+ customers


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Commerce & Payments

Turn On/Off Payment Links

Customers now have the ability to turn off a payment link instead of just deleting their payment links. When a payment link is turned off, customers won’t be able to make a purchase. This is helpful for payment links that you don’t want to delete or you want to save for later. 

*available to all Payments customers

**HubSpot payments is available to U.S.-based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub.



Goals - Public API

Now, you can see goals data using HubSpot goals API. You can create a private application token with the right scopes and use it to access goals data. 


This release is only for READ requests, so the supported endpoints would be:

  • GET requests
    • GET all goals
    • GET a specific goal
    • GET associations of a specific goal
    • GET goals in batches
  • POST search request
    • POST request a goal with filters

Currently, goals cannot be edited or deleted through public endpoints.

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+, Sales Hub Starter+ and Service Hub Pro+ customers


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App Marketplace & Integrations

HubSpot Embed for the Zoho CRM Integration

You can now utilize HubSpot tools without leaving the CRM you work in. The new HubSpot Embed provides you insights into contact, company, and deal records in HubSpot. You can also take action on these records and kick off automation from right within Zoho CRM. The HubSpot Embed includes:

  • All timeline insights
  • Contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object association insights
  • Property and property history
  • Workflow enrollment & workflow history
  • Direct View in HubSpot link

*available to anyone using HubSpot’s Zoho CRM Integration which is available to all HubSpot customers


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Use Data from Event Integrations in Customer Journey Reports

The App Marketplace’s recommended event integrations are now available to use with customer journey analytics so you can visualize and gain valuable insights into how events play a role in the customer journey.


Built on HubSpot’s Marketing Events API, these integrations sync event data from popular event software to HubSpot’s marketing events object. From there, you can use the data – including details such as contacts’ registration, cancellation of registration, the event’s name, duration of attendance, and more – to segment lists, create reports, and more within HubSpot.
*HubSpot’s App Marketplace is available to all customers

**Customer Journey Analytics is available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers



Reply to Emails on the HubSpot Mobile App

Sales reps on the go can now send emails from the HubSpot mobile app. With this update, you can use the HubSpot mobile app to send and respond to emails, and your email communications will be automatically logged and tracked in the HubSpot CRM.

*available to all HubSpot mobile app customers on iOS and Android platforms 


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Multi-Hub Updates

New Single Report Viewer Layout

The Single Report Viewer is getting a new layout! Reports are now front and center, giving the proper prioritization and making it easy to see what is most important. New tabs make it simple to see details without taking up unnecessary room

*available to all users with Reporting access


Advanced Outbound Filtering for Data Sync

You can now set up much  more granular data sync filters to exactly determine which records can sync out of HubSpot towards your third party app. It is now available for all syncable objects (products, deals, activities, etc.) - an important call out as previously limiting the data sync flow out of HubSpot was only available for contacts & companies.

*available to all hubs and tiers


‘OR’ Filtering in Index Pages

You can now quickly segment your data on the Index pages using ‘OR’ filters instead of just ‘AND’. Your ‘Quick filters’ will now also show up separately in the ‘All Filters’ panel to make it easier to separate them out from your more complex view filters in the ‘Advanced filters’ section. 


Quick filters can still be added or deleted from the table, and you may choose to hide them in the filter side panel to create more space to see your ‘Advanced filters’. 


NOTE: Existing views with saved quick filters will not change - but the quick filters will be separated out from the ‘Advanced filters’ in the filter panel.

*available to all hubs and tiers


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Upload Images to Products in the Product Library

You can now upload your product images to products in the product library

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+, Sales Hub Pro+, Service Hub Pro+ and CMS Pro+ customers


Accessibility Enhancements to Live Chat Widget

We’re excited to announce that we have made significant improvements to the live chat widget, now providing top-tier accessibility to all. After listening to customer feedback and thoroughly reviewing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), we’ve introduced new enhancements, including updated design and consistency of interaction states and color contrast, quick keyboard controls and navigation with smart focus management, and advanced support for screen reading tools.

*available to live chat users across all hubs and tiers


Bot Filtering Status Light

We’ve introduced a status indicator on the email post-send page to show whether your Bot Filtering setting is currently turned ON or OFF.

*available to all hubs and tiers


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More Visibility into GDPR Privacy Settings

Now, you get more information to understand how your account will change if you turn on GDPR privacy settings. A link summarizes what’ll change, and you can now read about legal basis settings before turning anything on.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Real-Time Sales Notifications Now Delivered Through HubSpot

Real-time sales notifications (i.e. email opens, clicks, document views, and contact or company revisits) will now be delivered through HubSpot’s notifications platform, rather than through HubSpot’s chrome extension.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Clean Up Your Workflow

Use “Clean Up” recommendations to optimize your workflow branches to improve your workflow’s performance and simplify how it looks.

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+, Sales Hub Pro+, Service Hub Pro+ and Operations Hub Pro+ customers


“Manage Existing Values” Now Available Across All Objects and for Record ID Imports

Importers have long had the ability to skip known values within the CRM as they’re importing data; however, this functionality was limited in two ways:


  1. It was only available on contact and company imports, not imports of other object types.
  2. You couldn’t leverage this if you were using a Record ID property as your unique ID within import.


We’ve now removed these requirements so the ability to not overwrite existing values in the CRM can be leveraged for all objects and within import files that include a Record ID column.

*available to all hubs and tiers

Teams Language Updates

We’re making updates to Teams language and removing Partitioning from the HubSpot vocabulary, both in-app and on the Pricing page:

  1. Primary team and additional team → main team member and extra team member
  2. Parent/child team → ordering teams underneath another team and nesting them
  3. Hierarchical teams → organize teams
  4. Partitioning → limit access to content and data
  5. Content Partitioning → limit access to content

*NOTE: There will be no changes in functionality with this update. It’s only a content and language update.


Updates to Workflow Capabilities with HubSpot’s Microsoft Teams Integration

HubSpot’s Microsoft Teams integration now offers additional capabilities with HubSpot’s Workflows!


Users can now:

  • Send Microsoft Teams Notifications via Workflows to record-owners and/or specific users, in addition to channels
  • @ mention Microsoft Teams users in Notifications sent via Workflows
  • Enable Conversation-based and Feedback submission-based Workflows to send Notifications to Microsoft Teams

*Workflows are available to customers with Professional plans and above. In addition, workflows with Microsoft Teams are available to users whose admins have installed the integration using the ‘Full Install’ option. 

**HubSpot’s Microsoft Teams integration is available to all HubSpot customers.


Restore Active Lists with Same ID

You can now restore deleted active lists for up to 90 days with the same list ID of the originally deleted list.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Admin-Set Default Views for Index Pages

Admins can now set the views that new users will see by default when they first come to the index pages.

*available to all hubs and tiers


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Property Validations for Date Picker Properties

We are giving admins more control of their data by now allowing them to enforce the entry of clean, reliable, and accurate data into their system with data validations for date inputs.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Increased Visibility of Record Merges

A new property will be visible that shows the IDs of records that have been merged into the record you’re viewing. The property will be available for all objects that can be merged including contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. With this property, you will be able to create a list  of all the records of a specific type that have been merged e.g. all tickets that have been merged. It will also be available throughout HubSpot in tools such as the Custom Report Builder and Workflows.

*available to all hubs and tiers


Drag and Drop Version of the Collaboration Sidebar in Workflows

The collaboration/commenting sidebar enables marketers to quickly access a handful of useful collaboration and productivity tools across a variety of tools within HubSpot. With this upgrade we’re introducing a smaller, movable version of the commenting sidebar that can be placed in the ideal location and be more convenient for marketers.

*available to Marketing Hub Pro+, Sales Hub Pro+, Service Hub Pro+, CMS Hub Pro+ and Operations Hub Pro+ customers


‘More/Less than (x) Days’ Filters for Index Date Properties

You can now filter by ‘More/Less than’ operators for Date properties on your object index page.

*available to all hubs and tiers


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Currency Formatting on the Board View

We are decluttering the board view with simplified currency formatting. All users will now see currency amounts on the board auto-formatted as follows:

  • Rounded up to the nearest integer, eliminating the .00
  • Abbreviated for amounts over 1 million (e.g. 1.2M)
  • Amounts under 1 million will appear in full, up to the nearest integer (e.g. 999,999)

You can hover over a board card to see its amount in full. If you would prefer to see all amounts in full, you can disable this feature using the “Edit board view” action.
*available to all hubs and tiers


Associated Line Item IDs are now included in Deal Exports

You can now include associated line items IDs on the deals index page, and by extension export these line item IDs. These line item IDs can then be used in subsequent imports to update existing line items that are already associated to deals. 

*available to all hubs and tiers