Manage Business Cards in HubSpot with New HubSpot-Built App for Sansan

by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Now live is a new HubSpot-built app for Sansan, a business card management software company. Sansan stores business card data so that you and your teams can see each other's networks, track where valuable contacts were met and more.

Now, you can automatically sync new contacts and updated contacts from Sansan into HubSpot. With this app, you'll be able to filter and segment contacts based on the information you've collected in Sansan. Now that all of the information about your contacts can be stored in HubSpot, it will be easier than ever to run smart sales and marketing campaigns.

Any HubSpot user with a paid Sansan plan will be able to sync contacts from Sansan once the app is installed. The app includes:

  • Selective contact sync based on Sansan tags
  • Sansan tag sync so that tags can be used for lists, contact segmentation and filtering
  • Dynamic syncing of the contact owner for each contact

*If you'd like to sync contacts that already exist in Sansan, please do a one-time CSV import.

This app is now live and available to all HubSpot users with a paid Sansan plan.