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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Major updates to the GoToWebinar for HubSpot Integration

Webinars are one of the most successful inbound marketing tactics at creating high value leads. The format, when done well, provides a ton of value to your audience, and gives you a great signal that the attendees might make good customers. To date, GoToWebinar has been the most used HubSpot webinar integration. It's also one of our oldest and was in need of a few updates. 

Today's update gives users the ability to sync and use Simulated Live and On-Demand data just like it works for regular webinars. We’ve also added more syncing of GoToWebinar fields with HubSpot that now can be seen on a contact record.

No action is needed to update, these new features have been pushed live to your existing GoToWebinar integration. View all your HubSpot integrations by clicking here. 

Why does this update matter?
While webinars are a great inbound tactic they aren’t always easy to create. People tell us they spend to much time building them: creating promo materials, landing pages, emails, and tracking attendance data. They also tell us that doing live webinars is stressful and creates more chances for things to go wrong. A bad live experience for attendees after all that work can be frustrated. 

To help alleviate this time burden, GoToWebinar released new features that allow users to record webinars instead of always conducting them live. This saves marketing users a significant amount of time because they don’t have to spend time hosting live webinars and allows you to make sure the experience isn't complicated by a live broadcast. 

In the past our integration didn’t support or sync this new and popular Simulated Live data into HubSpot. This updates means we now support Simulated Live webinars.


GoToWebinar and HubSpot 

How it works:
If you have the integration already installed, then it automatically updates. If you'd like to install GoToWebinar - find the integration in your integrations library in HubSpot. 


Who gets it:
HubSpot customers who also have GoToWebinar. Integration available to all CRM, Marketing Starter (lists) and Marketing Professional (landing pages) users.

What languages is this available in:
All languages supported by HubSpot.

What’s it do?:

  • All Simulated Live and On-Demand webinar data syncs into HubSpot
  • Webinar attendance and registration shows on contact record as a timeline event
  • All types of webinars appear on the settings page
  • Users can segment via Active Lists based on registration/attendance data for all webinars
  • Users can select any type of webinar via HubSpot form when creating a Landing Page
  • More contact info automatically syncs on the contact record, information now includes: Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone Number, Industry, Company Name (Organization), Job Title