MagneticOne Mobile Integration

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

What’s this integration partner do?

MagneticOne Mobile creates mobile solutions for CRM users. They create products ranging from business card readers to phone trackers, for dozens of CRMs.


How does MagneticOne Mobile integrate with HubSpot?

With the new integration, easily sync business cards right into HubSpot CRM. Take a photo of a business card using your smartphone, and MagneticOne Mobile will automatically transfer all the relevant contact information into a brand new HubSpot contact. MagneticOne Mobile can recognize and read cards in over twenty-five languages. Even better, you can enrich the contact data you import. Quickly and easily add country phone code and text/voice notes, and save the location you met.

How might Marketing and Sales Teams use this?

If you’re in marketing or sales, you’ve been there: coming back to work after a conference or trade show, with a pocket full of business cards to manually enter into your CRM. What’s worse: you don’t remember the context for any of them. Did you meet George at dinner, or at a session? Was Betsy the one who asked about our new product? Or was that someone else? Plain and simple, no one likes manually entering a pocket full of business cards from a conference or trade show into their CRM. With the new integration, that process goes from painful to painless.

How to get started:

Here’s a quick rundown from MagneticOne Mobile on how to set up the integration.

The MagneticOne Mobile integration is free for users of both HubSpot CRM and MagneticOne Mobile Business Card Reader. Note that MagneticOne Mobile is a paid product. More information on their pricing here.


MagneticOne Mobile supports the integration. Users can reach out to for help.


The MagneticOne Mobile integration is now live. For more information, head over to MagneticOne Mobile's HubSpot integration page.