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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Try invoices without enrolling in Commerce Hub

What is it?

Previously, users could not create invoices without first enrolling in Commerce Hub and enabling HubSpot payments.

We are removing that requirement, so users can now finalize, send, and manually record payments on invoices without being enrolled.


This way, users can start using invoices and getting value sooner. They can choose to set up Payments later in order to speed up with payments collection process.


Why does it matter?

Merchants can use HubSpot for their invoicing needs, and get all their revenue data into HubSpot, prior to being ready to use HubSpot for collecting payments.


How does it work?

When creating an invoice, users can finalize it without being enrolled in Payments. The invoice only needs to include at least one contact and one line item.


The "Checkout" toggle (to enable online payments via HubSpot Payments) is Off and disabled. Users can only receive payments outside of HubSpot and manually record them.


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After finalizing the invoice, the user has the option to send the invoice to their customer.


To manually record a payment made on this invoice, select the invoice, then Actions, then Record payment.





Manually recorded payments can be viewed in the Payments section of the invoice details.


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