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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Record Payments Manually for Invoices

What is it?


This feature enables HubSpot Invoices users to create payment records manually for invoices, or add associated existing payment records to invoices to "pay" them. This functionality replaces the "Mark Paid" functionality, since it achieves the same goal (i.e. indicate that an invoice was paid and is no longer due), but also facilitates the creation/maintenance of clean, rich payment data.

Invoices Record Payments.png

Why does it matter?


Until now, Invoices users could mark an invoice as Paid, but there was no record of how it was paid, or who recorded the payment. Marking an invoice paid also did not generate a Payment record. This left many Invoices users cobbling together Invoice and Payment reporting to get a clear picture of their revenue.

Now, Invoices users can "Record Payment" on their Invoices, which will allow them to create a new payment record manually, or associate an existing payment to an invoice to "pay" it. This enables users to run 100% of their billing and payments from HubSpot, even when payments are collected outside of HubSpot Payments (e.g. check payments, wire transfers, etc.).


How does it work?


The new "Record Payment" button is located in the "Actions" menu on the Invoices Preview panel. To get there, users will need to follow these steps:


1. Find an invoice (e.g. Sales --> Invoices, "Invoices" right sidebar card), click "Preview", click "Actions", then click "Record Payment".
2. Enter payment information (date, method, notes, etc.), and save the payment if they want to create a new payment.
3. To find an existing payment that is not associated with an invoice, they can click "Apply Existing", search for the payment they need, and apply it to the invoice to "pay" the invoice.

Once a payment is created or applied, it will be shown in the Invoice's preview panel in the "Payments" right sidebar card.

At this time, only payments that will pay the full invoice amount can be generated. Any existing payments selected must total up to the invoice amount billed. In the future, we will offer partial payment functionality, but it is still under development.
Payments that have been generated manually by a user can be deleted to correct mistakes made during the creation process. Payments generated by HubSpot Payments, or via integration, cannot be deleted or modified.

Who gets it?


All HubSpot Commerce users.
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