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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Payment Links on Deal, Contact, and Company Records

What is it?
Commerce Hub users can now use the full functionality of payment links directly from a deal, contact, or company record. Collecting payments from your customers has never been easier. Sales teams can easily create a link and share with customers to collect one time and recurring payments.


Why does it matter?
Customers can now use the full payment link editor from the record pages. There are three main uses cases that all make it easier for companies to collect payments.
  • Convert deal to link - Create a payment link for the line items on your deal in two clicks
  • Create new link - Create a payment link using a custom line item or add products from your library
  • Use existing - Reuse existing links to collect payments for offerings you sell to multiple customers


How does it work?
To get started:
  1. Navigate to a deal, contact, or company record
  2. Find payment links in the right sidebar
  3. If your deal record has line items, convert the deal to a link. If there are no line items, you can easily create a new link or use an existing link.
  4. Create the link and share with your customer to get paid
A few callouts:
  • All payment links now have a toggle to be one time use or reusable. One time use links are turned off after a customer pays. These can always be found on the payment link index page and turned back on if needed.
  • If you need to give a user access to payment links, go to Users and Teams > Sales > Manage Payment Links and toggle to On.
  • If payment links aren't available in your sidebar, you can configure them to show by navigating to Settings > Objects > (Deal, Contact, Company) > Record Customization > Customize the Right Sidebar. Edit the Default or desired view by adding payment links and moving it to your desired spot to make easy for your team to use.
Who gets it?

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