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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Optional Products on Payment Links


What is it?
Payment links now support optional products so a buyer can choose the products they want to purchase. This can be used to offer up-sell and cross-sell opportunities or provide a variety of options for a buyer to choose from.
Why does it matter?
Customers don't want to create a new link for every combination of products a buyer wants to purchase. By allowing customers to set line items as optional and enabling them to change the quantity of a line item, buyers have more control to purchase their desired set of products. This improvement will reduce the amount of setup required and enable customers to increase revenue by offering up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.


How does it work?

A line item on a payment link is required by default and can now be set as optional. A customer can setup one to many line items and toggle the optional setting as desired.
When a buyer goes to checkout, they can add optional products. When the buyer purchases, their confirmation and receipt reflect the products they selected.
To get started: Navigate to payment links using Sales > Payments > Payment Links. Create a link and add a custom line item. You can use the checkbox in the side panel to select if it should be optional or required. If you want to add a product from your library, you can click the name of the product to open the side panel.