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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

[Live] Import Sales Activities

What is it?

You can now import sales activities into HubSpot, and associate them with other objects. These activities include sales emails, tasks, meetings, and calls. The import tool already supports the ability to import notes.


Why does it matter?

New users adopting HubSpot want to be able to reflect their business within our CRM. This not only means tracking the contacts, companies, deals, etc. that they engage with, but also how they’re engaging with them.

  • Have they had a meeting with a prospect at a target account?
  • Did they have a kick-off call with that customer that just signed on last week?
  • Has the new sales rep finished the tasks assigned to them on their open accounts?
  • Have sales reps emailed deals in flight about their end of month discount?

We’ve always allowed users to manually log these activities on different records in the CRM, but haven't supported adding them in bulk via import. Now, with the ability to import tasks, calls, sales emails, and meetings into HubSpot, users can quickly and confidently reflect their business processes within the CRM using the import flow they’re already familiar with.


How does it work?

In order to import sales activities into HubSpot, you will first have to include these activities in your import file(s) by following the instructions here. Once you’ve created your files, navigate to the import tool and begin your import. On the step of the import flow where you are asked to select what you’re importing into HubSpot, you’ll now see that “Activities” have been added below the other objects that you have previously been able to import.

You will then be able to map your properties, and finish your import. Associations between objects and sales activities work exactly how associations between two different objects work. For example, if you’re importing contacts and calls in a single file, any contact and call information on the same row within your import file will be associated together.

Image of Import ViewImage of Import View

Two important things to note:

  • Only tasks and calls can be imported without being associated with another object in HubSpot.
  • At this time, the only sales activity that you can export is calls.