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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] HubSpot for WordPress plugin - Version 11

What is it?

The new updated HubSpot for WordPress plugin (V11) adds easier live chat and form creation, simpler navigation to HubSpot for advanced functionality, and reliability improvements.


Why does it matter?

The plugin now lets you complete simple actions inside the plugin relevant to your website, such as adding a live chat, adding tracking code, creating an embedded form, and syncing all forms on your website to your HubSpot portal.


Additionally, you can easily navigate to and from your HubSpot account from the plugin to access all the great value there. Some actions will now take you to the correct place in HubSpot to complete more complex tasks, such as managing lists, creating email campaigns and viewing HubSpot reports.


All major browsers plan to phase out third-party cookies by the end of 2024, so the plugin has also undergone fundamental changes to how it works to ensure it will still function following that change, as well as improve overall reliability and usability. 


How does it work?

You will be notified via your WordPress admin plugins page that there is an update available, and you can choose to update your plugin by clicking ‘update now’ or viewing details then pressing ‘Install Update Now’.







You may need to log into your HubSpot account again via the WordPress plugin, you’ll know that you have updated as you’ll see a popup with an overview of the changes.


Once logged in, your experience shouldn’t change much aside from navigating to HubSpot for some tasks. You may also experience improved reliability and user experience improvements.


For more information on downloading and installing the HubSpot for WordPress plugin, please see our Knowledge Base article.


Who gets it?

The HubSpot for WordPress plugin is available to all customers on all plans.