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[Live] Five new localized App Marketplace collections


What is it?


Earlier this year, we introduced the ability for apps to publish listing pages in multiple languages in HubSpot’s App Marketplace in order to better serve our customers globally.


Now, five new app collections are available in the App Marketplace highlighting apps with both their connected software and listing pages localized into one of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Japanese. 


Check out the five new collections here:







Why does it matter?


Previously, it could be difficult for global customers with a non-English preferred language to find and use HubSpot integrations, taking multiple clicks to sort or filter the App Marketplace according to language.


Now, customers who speak any of these five languages can leverage these new language-based collections to quickly find the integrations they need. These collections enable our global customers to: 1) more easily navigate the App Marketplace and find information about apps in their preferred language, and 2) more easily find apps with connected software available in their preferred language. 


How does it work?


Anyone can find and browse these collections by navigating to HubSpot’s App Marketplace and then looking in the “Discover” section on the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can always access these collections by using the direct links to each collection listed above.


Japanese-language app collectionJapanese-language app collection


Click on an app to read more about it and install it:


Little Help Connect app listing page shown in JapaneseLittle Help Connect app listing page shown in Japanese


App partners interested in localizing their App Marketplace listing pages can follow this process. Note: In order for apps to localize their listing page into a certain language, their connected software/UI must also be available in that language.


Who gets it?


HubSpot’s App Marketplace is available to all HubSpot customers. Access varies depending on which app you use: reference the app’s listing page in the App Marketplace for required subscription levels and permissions.


These new app collections are also available to all customers, but are most useful for customers whose preferred language is Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, or Japanese.