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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Custom Invoice Fields now Available in Commerce Hub

What is it?

Merchants can choose up to 4 additional custom fields to display on their HubSpot invoices. Previously, they were limited to using the basic HubSpot template. This gives users more flexibility and control in configuring the content of their invoices to suit the nature of their business. This functionality is only available to users who are enrolled in HubSpot Payments or Stripe.


Why does it matter?

A merchant wants to have additional information displayed on all of their HubSpot invoices. Examples include alternate mailing address, product information, or internal ID number.


How does it work?

Navigate to invoice Settings >> Templates. Click Set Default Custom Fields.


Then, under "Edit default custom fields", click "Add custom field" to search for and select the fields to include on the invoice. A maximum of 4 fields can be added. Only custom properties can be added. Additionally, only the following types are eligible to be added: Single-line text, single checkbox, dropdown selection, radio selection, and number.


New invoices that are created will include these fields by default.


Fields that are not filled out will not be displayed on the finalized invoice.


If the custom property is deleted, the field will be removed from draft and future invoices. Invoices that were finalized before the deletion will still contain the property.


This functionality is available to users with super-admin permissions.


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