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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Live] Commerce Hub Subscription Timeline Card

What is it?

Commerce Hub customers can now see more detail about the timeline of each subscription. Customers can clearly understand what has been paid and what will be paid in the future.


Why does it matter?

Commerce Hub customers use Subscriptions to mange their recurring billing and payments. Subscriptions can have a fixed number of billing periods or can auto-renew until cancelled. When a business is using subscriptions to manage their recurring billing, it's important for the entire front office to have a clear understanding of each subscription and when it will bill next.


How does it work?

The new timeline will show in the side bar of each Subscription. You can access subscriptions under Commerce > Subscriptions. If you already have existing subscriptions, click the name of the subscription and you will see the new timeline card. If you don't have any subscriptions, they can be created when your customers pays from payment links and quotes.


Who gets it?

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