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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

LinkedIn Ads In HubSpot's Ads Tool

Ads are an essential piece of providing your customers with helpful, relevant content at every point of the buyer’s journey -- wherever they spend their time online. For many of our customers, that means advertising on LinkedIn.

To help you execute your journey based advertising strategy, LinkedIn ads is now available within HubSpot's ads tool.

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn lets you target a specific persona with your ads based on a wide range of targeting options. Connecting your LinkedIn ads account to HubSpot, you’ll be able to sync leads directly from LinkedIn lead gen ads into HubSpot, or create audiences based on any CRM data point and sync them between HubSpot and LinkedIn. You’ll also be able to report on exactly how your LinkedIn ad spend is influencing your bottom line. Best of all, with your LinkedIn ads being managed in the same place that you do the rest of your marketing, you’ll be able to create a consistent narrative for your customers by aligning your LinkedIn Ads to every other touchpoint your leads will have with your business.

How does it work?

Navigating to ads settings, Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise users will now see the option to connect a LinkedIn ads account. One user can connect as many LinkedIn ad accounts as they would like. Within ads settings you’ll also want to:

1) Turn on lead syncing via the ‘Lead syncing’ tab, which will pull in (and de-dupe) any leads from LinkedIn lead gen forms over the last 90 days and will continue to sync incoming leads going forward.

2) Connect your LinkedIn Insight Tag via the ‘Pixels’ tab, which will deploy the LinkedIn Insight Tag wherever your HubSpot tracking code exists. This will both enable you to create website audiences in HubSpot as well as better monitor ad performance within LinkedIn. You should not both manually place your LinkedIn Insight Tag and connect it to HubSpot. You should choose one or the other.


Once connected, you’ll be able to create audiences just as you would for both Facebook or Google in HubSpot. When you go to create an audience, you’ll see that you have the option to create both website and contact list audiences for LinkedIn. The audiences you create in HubSpot will automatically sync between HubSpot and LinkedIn.

 As you start running LinkedIn ad campaigns, you’ll be able to report on your success with LinkedIn ads vs the other ad networks. You’ll also be able to see how your LinkedIn ad spend is influencing your bottom line -- letting you make smarter decisions regarding future LinkedIn ad spend. And if you turn on lead syncing, your LinkedIn leads with flow straight into the HubSpot CRM.

LinkedIn ads is now available for all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users.