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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Less Taps, More Tasks: A fresh way to create and edit tasks on Mobile

Creating tasks on mobile just got easier with better date defaults, ability to add to queues, set priority, and much more!
Why does it matter?
Creating tasks should be quick and simple. Inspiration can strike anywhere and when it does, you don't want your CRM to get in the way.
The new task create and edit experience on mobile does just that — minimizes taps so you can focus on getting that burst of inspiration recorded.
How does it work?
Once you update to the latest version of the iOS and Android App, you will have access to the new Task creation screen. As before, you can create tasks from the Task tab or from a contact/company/deal.
Some of the changes we've made to the screen:
  • You can now see a focused view when creating a task, with fields progressively revealed as you type
  • You can now set priority by simply flipping a switch
  • You can now select defaults for due dates — no more opening up a calendar to create one task for tomorrow
  • You can now add tasks to queues (shared or personal)
  • You can now associate tasks to multiple contacts, companies, or deals
How to get access?
This update is available to all users (CRM and Sales Hub free and above). Be sure to update your HubSpot Mobile app to the latest version to get access.