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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Know the Instant a Prospect Opens Your Document

sfb-docview-email.jpgFor a lot of sales teams, there are all sorts of documents & pieces of content that play a big role in their sales process. Product specs. Whitepapers. Agreements. Decks. Sidekick for Business gives you useful insight into when your prospects actually engage with the documents and content you send. And now, Sidekick for Business sends you an email alert when a prospect you are working with views a document you've shared.

In the email, you'll find a link to the prospects' profile, the piece of content they opened, and deeper details on what they did (for example, which individual pages or slides they looked at, and for how long.) Ready to give them a call? You can even connect from the email through Sidekick for Business with one click.

In addition to email, when a prospect opens a document you've shared, Sidekick for Business also triggers a Sidekick desktop notification, logs the event to the prospects' timeline, and updates aggregate reports on how different pieces of content are being used.

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