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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Keep Your Database Clean By Creating A List Of Hard Bouncing Contacts

Only emailing contacts in your CRM who are eligible to receive email is the easiest way to maintain your overall email health. Once you identify who is ineligible to receive email, it makes sense that you'd want to report on those contacts, filter them out from future sends, or perhaps remove them from your portal all together.

Removing hard bouncing contacts from HubSpot or segmenting by them used to take multiple steps. You had to export a CSV from the email dashboard, filter the contacts in Excel to only include the contacts you wanted to take an action on, then import those contacts into HubSpot. This was time that you could instead be spending on actually generating new leads, or engaging with your current ones.

Now when you navigate to "More tools" on the email dashboard in your portal, you'll see the option to "Create and clean a list of hard bounces". This option will pop up a module where you can choose to either create a new static list of your hard bounced contacts or add these contacts to an existing static list. You'll then be able to filter your list by specific bounce reasons, such as 'unknown user' or 'mailbox full.'



After naming or selecting an existing static list, choosing the hard bounce reasons to include, and specifying a time period, click "Create list". From here, you can either delete these contacts, make a note to exclude these contacts from future sends, or keep a running report on your hard bounces over time.

This is now available to all HubSpot users.