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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Keep Your Conversion Points Consistent With Themes in Forms

Creating a consistent experience across your entire site is essential for converting visitors to your site into leads. This includes forms that you embed on an external site, or ones that are viewed on a standalone URL. If you have coding experience, styling your form within your site’s stylesheet isn’t a problem. But what if you aren’t familiar with css, or you’re just sending a standalone forms URL within an email?

With this in mind, we recently released themes in forms. You can now choose from four different themes when creating a form in HubSpot to help style your embedded or standalone forms beyond just fonts and colors. This will help keep your conversion points in line with the rest of your brand.

To apply a theme to one of your forms, navigate to the style & preview tab within the forms editor. Here, you’ll see the option to add four different themes to your form.


These themes are applied on a form by form basis and will only affect forms that are embedded externally or used in a standalone URL. If you update a current form from the old default HubSpot theme to one of the four new themes, any custom CSS or javascript you have added to the form will no longer work. This is because the theme is applied directly within the form’s iframe. Professional and Enterprise users can override this setting by selecting the “Style form using raw HTML” setting on the options tab of the form editor.

raw html form styling

This update is now live to all users of HubSpot forms.