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Keep Tabs on How Your Content Changes With Activity Logs

Keeping track of all of the changes happening across your website can be a real challenge, especially for larger teams. To solve for this, CMS Hub Enterprise customers could leverage the activity logs API to capture who was making a specific change to your website at any given time.

But what if you want to quickly gather this data, without having to file a ticket with the dev team. With today's update -- you can.

By adding activity logs into account defaults, you can quickly centralize everything from page updates to HubDB table modifications into a single file, making it a snap to quickly identify what has changed, when it happened, and who made the changes.

To generate a report of your account's recent content activity navigate to settings and account defaults. Under security, click the export button beside 'Export content activity history." When your report is ready, a notification will appear in the notifications panel allowing you to download the file.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.29.15 PM

In-app activity logs are now available to all CMS Hub Enterprise customers.