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July 2023 Release Notes

Featured Update of the Month

Template Marketplace Relaunch

HubSpot announced the launch of a new template marketplace featuring hundreds of powerful web designs composed of themes and new standalone modules. Key features include:


  • HubSpot Template Marketplace hosts new getting started content and an enhanced collection experience that highlights some of our favorite themes, including the latest Best Themes for New Modules.
  • Themes are a cohesive bundle of page templates and design components with plenty of styling options, so users can quickly bring their websites to life.
  • Modules are reusable building blocks that add more functionality to a website, going beyond the basics of a theme.


New standalone modules include:


  • More interactive displays, like cards with flip animation, unfurling content, video playlists, and hover effect imagery.
  • More engaging designs, like animated statistics, scrolling ticker tape, and countdown clocks.
  • More elegant formatting, like stylized headers and quotes, visual timelines and maps, image and logo galleries.
  • More compelling offers, like pricing, donation, and subscription calls-to-action.


To browse these modules and more, visit the new modules tab on the template marketplace.


*available to all hubs and tiers

**anyone can view the Template Marketplace without being logged into HubSpot


Marketing Hub + CMS Hub

The Campaign Template Library Now Offers 10 New HubSpot Templates

The campaign templates library now features 10 new out-of-the-box HubSpot campaign templates, making it even easier for you to create successful multi-channel campaigns in HubSpot:


  1. Abandon cart
  2. Email drip campaign
  3. In-person event promotion
  4. Internal newsletter
  5. Loyalty program
  6. Nurture
  7. Onboarding & welcome
  8. Product launch
  9. Product sale
  10. Re-engagement


*available to all Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


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Content Approvals: Website Pages

Require or request approval before publishing a website page.


*available to all CMS Hub Enterprise customers


Content Approvals: Blog Posts

Require or request approval before publishing a blog post.


*available to all Marketing and CMS Hub Enterprise customers


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Content Approvals: Landing Pages

Require or request approval before publishing a landing page.


*available to all Marketing and CMS Hub Enterprise customers


Google Enhanced Conversions

Google enhanced conversions is an ad conversion events feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy-safe way. The feature uses a secure one-way hashing algorithm called SHA256 on your first-party customer data, such as email addresses, before sending to Google.


*available to all Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


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Create Ad Goals within Ads

Introducing the ability to create ad goals from within the Ads tool! You can now create four different ad goals and track their progress from the Analyze tab within Ads:


  1. Contacts from first form submission
  2. Cost per contact in a lifecycle stage
  3. Network conversions
  4. Number of contacts in a lifecycle stage


*available to all Marketing Hub Pro+ customers


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Use Bulk Actions to Update WhatsApp Consent for Multiple Contacts

Customers can use bulk actions to bulk update WhatsApp consent for one or more contacts in their portal.


This is at parity with the current email bulk action update experience.


*available to all Marketing and Service Hub Pro+ customers


Sales Hub + Service Hub

Working Hours + Custom Voicemails

Working Hours allows you to set user availability in HubSpot. By setting working hours, reps can better manage their availability and ensure that they're available to take calls during business hours. Users can set their daily availability by hour and timezone. This can be especially important for businesses with global customers, as your reps can set their working hours to align with specific time zones.


For admins, having calling reps set their working hours enables you to plan staff coverage more efficiently, ensuring that there are enough reps available to handle incoming calls.


Custom Voicemails allow your teams to add a personalized touch to voicemail messages so your customers and prospects can connect directly with your brand. Having a personalized greeting that includes information such as the rep's name, company, and availability will allow you to save time and ensure that every caller receives a consistent and professional message. This can help build stronger relationships with customers and prospects, and increase the chances of them leaving a message or returning your call.


*available to Sales and Service Hub Starter+ customers


Inbound Calling Tab Now has a Dedicated Window

Now, the Inbound Calling tab opens in a dedicated browser window. The Call tab page enables you to receive inbound calls in your HubSpot browser. The page must remain open to receive inbound calls.


*available to all Sales and Service Hub Starter+ customers


Book Meetings on Behalf of Other Users in Service Hub

We recently introduced a new feature that enables users to schedule meetings for their peers within the meeting scheduling flow - making it easier for teams to understand who is booking meetings and for whom. In addition to currently being available to Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise users, this is now available for Service Hub Professional and Enterprise paid users!


*available to all Sales and Service Hub Pro+ customers


WhatsApp Improvements in the Conversations Inbox

We recently released the following updates to WhatsApp in the Inbox:


Read Receipts, Message Metadata, Message Quarantining, and Move between inboxes


*available to all Marketing and Service Hub Pro+ customers


Meeting Rotations in CRM Scheduling

You can now book meetings on behalf of others through a round-robin rotation right from the contact, company, deal, or ticket record in the CRM.


*available to all Sales and Service Hub Pro+ customers


Log Emails to the CRM Retroactively

The ability to log an individual email from your inbox with the click of a button.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Renaming Prospects to Website Visits

With the addition of the prospecting workspace (currently still in public beta) to Sales Hub, we're renaming the prospects tool to "Website Visits" to better distinguish the purpose of the two tools and the functionalities they provide.


Over the coming months, we will be working on integrating the data in the prospects tool (now website visits tool) into the prospecting workspace to help sales teams better source and engage target accounts. Stay tuned.


This is purely a name change. We have made no functional changes to this tool.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Log Emails to Custom Objects from Gmail & O365

The ability to log emails to HubSpot custom objects from within Gmail and web-based Office 365.


*available to all customers with access to HubSpot custom objects


Operations Hub

Daily AI-Powered Duplicate Checks for Contacts and Companies

Daily AI-powered duplicate checks automatically scan for new duplicate contacts and companies and show potential matches to merge within the manage duplicates tool.


*available to all hubs with Pro+ plans


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Link to Data Quality Formatting Issues Post-Import

After running an import, customers will now be able to see any potential formatting issues and have a direct link to resolve them within the formatting issues tool. This update also adds the ability to filter by import in the formatting issues view.


*available to all Operations Hub Starter+ customers


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AI-Powered Location Formatting Suggestions for Contacts and Companies

Within the data quality formatting issues tool, we now surface location formatting suggestions for contacts and companies.


*available to all Operations Hub Starter+ customers


Increased Limit of Contact and Company Duplicate Pairs for Ops Hub Pro

You can now see up to 5,000 potential duplicate contact and companies respectively in the manage duplicates tool, powered by AI. This is an increase from the current limit of 2,000.


*available to all Operations Hub Pro customers


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CRM Platform

Side Panel with Metadata - Centralized Audit Log of User Actions

New functionality in the existing Audit Log UI with additional information (metadata) about the user action event.


*available to all hubs with Enterprise plans


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Find Custom Objects by Partially Typing Custom Property Value

Custom objects can now be found through their custom properties by only partially typing the value in the custom property. You can either type the text you remember from the beginning OR from the end of the custom property and Global Search will try to match with custom properties that have that keyword in their prefix or suffix and return the relevant custom objects.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Find Notes by the Note Content

Now, you can find notes on any CRM record (contacts, companies, deals, tickets) by searching on the content of the note as you can see below.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Centralized Audit Log of Security and Login Activity

With this new tool, Super Admins can view a centralized real-time audit log of their users' login activity, and security-related actions that users have taken in the account.


*available to all hubs with Starter+ plans


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Commerce Hub

New Recurring and Failed Payment Notifications

HubSpot payments customers can now automatically receive email notifications when they collect a recurring subscription payment or their buyer's payment fails.


*available to all Payments customers

**HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. -based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any hub


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App Marketplace & Integrations

Sales Playbooks in the HubSpot App for Zoom Meetings

The HubSpot App for Zoom Meetings now has playbooks. This gives your sales team the ability to do all of the following within a Zoom call:


  • Use any available playbooks in HubSpot
  • Log and track data to the HubSpot contact record
  • Search for and view existing HubSpot contacts
  • Associate the playbook with the contact record in HubSpot


*HubSpot App for Zoom Meetings is available to all hubs and tiers
**Playbooks are only available to Sales and Service Hub Pro+ customers


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Multi-Hub Updates

Lists Team Permissions Security Update

For customers enrolled in the Beta for Asset Permissioning- Lists, two security updates ensure the right individuals can access the right lists:


  1. Consistency in filtering outside the lists tool: Users who see a limited set of lists, based on their team assignment, will only see those same lists across tools where lists can be filtered on. These include e-mail, workflows, reports, and the Contacts and Companies page.


  1. Only Super Admins can assign a list back to All Teams. When a list is assigned to a team, members of that list are limited to records that have an owner inside that team (learn more about record ownership here). We have limited this functionality to super-admins because assigning a list back to All Teams enrolls all members who meet the list criteria, regardless of the owner.


*available to Marketing Enterprise, Sales Enterprise and Service Enterprise customers currently enrolled in the Private Beta for Lists Team Permissions


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Rounding for Custom Calculated Properties

Rounding for custom calculated properties allows you to now round number values to the nearest whole number or decimal place.


*available to all hubs with Pro+ plans


Conditional Stage Properties for Custom Objects

You can now set conditional stage properties for your custom object pipelines. If you're using a custom object pipeline, you can ensure the appropriate information is collected at each stage of your business process by setting conditional or required properties by pipeline stage.


*available to all hubs with Enterprise plans


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New Totals for Quotes

We’re introducing a new streamlined totals experience for both merchants and buyers in Quotes.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Users with Export Permissions Can Now Only Download the Original Files of Imports They Initiated

In the past, users with export permissions could download any import file from the import history table. We've recently made a change so that only super admins and the user who initiated the import in the first place are able to download these files.


*available to all hubs and tiers’


HubSpot User Interface & Knowledge Base Now Available in Danish & Norwegian

The HubSpot user interface and knowledge base are now available in Danish & Norwegian.


*available to all hubs and tiers as an UI language option


Support for Global Privacy Control

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a signal that informs a website of visitors’ preferences when it comes to selling or sharing personal data. You can now use HubSpot to process GPC signals from your website visitors, which will be used to prevent cookie tracking without requiring visitors to decline your cookie banner.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Support for “OR” Filtering on Many Marketing Assets

Following on from the release in CRM earlier this year, we're excited to share that it is now possible to use "OR" filtering in several marketing tools. This makes it possible to create far more customisable and more useful filtering to drill in to find the exact records you're looking for.


This is supported in Marketing Campaigns, Lists, Workflows, Forms, the new CTAs tool, and Feedback Survey responses.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Updates to Deleting a Contact

Email confirmation for permanent deletions will now only be sent to the HubSpot user who deleted the contact. This confirmation will be sent automatically.


The names for the two types of contact deletions have also been made more clear – restorable delete or permanent delete – with short explanations for each choice.


*available to all hubs and tiers


Filtering Page Views by UTM Parameters in Lists

As a marketer, you rely on UTM parameters to easily track and identify the original source of your website visitors. Creating lists based on who interacted with your UTM-based links allows you to understand performance and engage with those contacts in the best way.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Referencing Company Lists in Contact Lists

Arriving at the Contacts associated with a Company list usually involves:


  1. Exporting the Company list data
  2. Doing some magic in a spreadsheet to arrive at your associated contacts
  3. Then importing those contact records back into HubSpot. 

This update reduces that process down to a few clicks inside of the Lists tool, while also supporting the reverse: referencing existing Contact lists in Company list filters - supercharging both list types.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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Trigger Workflows with Events and Custom Behavioral Events

You can now trigger workflows when an event happens! This allows for more timely and personalized automation and better matches the way in which customers think of automation.


For example, in the previous triggers world (now referred to as "filter criteria" triggers), you would set up your workflow trigger to be: contact whose city is equal to “Dublin”, then do 'x'. In the new event triggers world, your trigger will be: when a contact’s city changes to “Dublin”, then do 'x'.


Additionally, there are some new exciting updates to triggers below!


  • Form interaction and form viewed events
  • Property value changed
  • Custom Behavioral Event trigger
  • Object creation events
  • Sales document events
  • Sequence engagement events
  • Calling events (call started and call ended)
  • Meeting events (contact booked meeting + contact changed meeting outcome)


*available to all Workflow customers with Pro+ plans


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Property Validation Rules Now Enforced via APIs and Integrations

Property Validations allow admins to prevent data quality issues before they start. By setting up property validation rules, admins can control what data can be entered into their system ensuring the entry of clean, reliable, and accurate data.


Previously, these validation rules were only enforced in the UI and on mobile with manual entry but not on integrations. Starting today, when you set property validation rules in your system these rules will also be enforced via APIs and integrations.


*available to all hubs and tiers


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