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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Introducing Parent-Child Relationships in HubSpot CRM

Let’s say your company sells widgets that are vital to fast food hamburger sales. Your goal is to sell your widgets to every Sprocket Burgers across the globe. While all the locations have the same bright orange emblem out front, they represent completely different franchises with their own unique businesses. One location might have twice as many employees; another might sell more HubNuggets than HubBurgers. With that in mind, you need a way to track your interactions with each franchise separately, but also understand the relationships between them.

While you might not sell HubNuggets, if you sell B2B, the organizations you sell to can be complex and multi-tiered. But managing and understanding your relationship with them shouldn’t be.

With today's update, you can now relate two companies to each other in HubSpot CRM, “parent-child” style. Whether you work with franchises, distributors, school branches, or anything else, the new function enables you to navigate between related companies quickly and easily, saving you time and unnecessary headache.

How it works?

Navigate to any company in HubSpot CRM that you’d like to relate to another company.

Within the company record, scroll down to the “Related Companies” card.

Choose to add a child company or a parent company, then search for and select the company you want to associate.

Once you’ve saved the association, you’ll see the relationship in the “Related Companies” card on your company record.

If you’ve added a parent company, you’ll have a link to the parent company and the ability to quickly see the other child companies of that same organization.

If you’ve added a child company, you’ll see links to the other child companies, with the ability to add another child company as well.



How many levels of parent-child can be implemented?
At this time, customers can create a single level of hierarchy (e.g. “Chipotle” and “Chipotle - Boston location”).

Can a child company be attached to more than one parent company?
No, a child company can only be associated with one parent company. 

Can a parent company have more than one child?
Yes. Each parent company can have up to 10,000 associated child companies.

Is it possible to import companies to a parent-child relationship?
No, not at this time.

Does this work with the Salesforce integration?
Salesforce-integrated portals can use parent-child function in HubSpot, but parent-child associations won't sync from HubSpot to Salesforce.

How does this impact the contact-company automatic association?
Parent-child relationships do not affect the automatic association setting. If you have multiple companies in your CRM with the same domain and you add a contact with an email domain that matches the company domain name, we will associate that contact with the oldest company in your database. Whether that company is a parent or child does not impact this behaviour.

Is there any data transfer between parent and child companies?
No. Right now, all associated contacts and deals, as well as all activities logged on the company records, will remain on the company record. There is no data sync between parent and child companies and no data will roll up to the parent company.


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