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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Instant Notifications When the Best Prospects Visit Your Website

notify.jpgSidekick for Business gives you a behind the scenes look at the companies who are visiting your website in real time (even if they aren't in your database and haven't filled out a form on your website!) Now, Sidekick for Business can deliver those prospects notifications right to your desktop or inbox.

Introducing Subscribe to View in Prospects

From the Find Companies view in Sidekick for Business or HubSpot CRM, click the "Subscribe" button in the upper right corner to start receiving notifications about new relevant prospects as they visit your website. Choose between receiving real time Sidekick revisit notifications on your desktop, or a daily email summary.

Filters + Subscriptions = Super-Targeted Notifications

By using filters & saved views on the Find Companies tab, you can build and save a highly specific targeted view of prospects who are relevant to you. Target based on revenue, employee size, location, and dozens of other criteria. Save your view and subscribe to notifications to be alerted when (and only when) prospects who are a good fit for you to sell to appear on your website.

Subscribe Your Team

If you are a manager or a team administrator, you'll see an additional option to edit the subscription options of a view for different members of your team. This is useful in cases where you want to subscribe a team (or different teams) to receive prospect notifications that are highly relevant to them. Individual users won't need to edit their settings - as a manager, you can take care of it all right from the subscribe window.

Try It Now

Sidekick for Business users can start subscribing to new views right now. Just click Companies > Find Companies, build a view, and click Subscribe in the upper right corner. Not using Sidekick for Business yet? Sign up to learn more.