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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[In Beta] A New Place to Save and Manage Your Reports in HubSpot

What is it?
A new place to save and manage your custom reports across HubSpot, without saving them to a dashboard.

Why does it matter?
By September, Professional and Enterprise users in all three hubs will have access to the custom report builder. With the builder, you can create custom reports to compare a number of different datasets to answer some of the most important questions your business faces. These reports can then be added to dashboards,where you can analyze your data, and share it amongst your team.

This is super useful --- until you run out of space on your dashboards. Just because you don’t have any more space on your dashboards doesn’t mean your reporting needs come to a halt. With this in mind, we’re introducing “Reports” to help you manage your reporting limits and easily reference them, without having to worry about filling up existing dashboards.

How does it work?
Clicking into ‘Reports’ in the Reports dropdown, you’ll now be brought to your list of saved Reports.


Here, you’ll not only be able to create new reports, but also see how many reports you already have created, which ones are on dashboards, and which ones are not. You’ll also be able to filter the reports shown by which dashboard they are on, who created the report, and the time period in which it was created.

We’re also introducing new reporting limits as part of this update. Professional users across all Hubs will have access to one customizable dashboard, while Enterprise users across all Hubs will have access to 25 customizable dashboards. For more information on reporting limits, feel free to refer to our pricing page.

Who gets it?
This is currently in a small beta. It will be rolled out to all Professional, Enterprise, and Reporting add-on customers in the coming month. Within the coming weeks, all Professional and Enterprise portals will be able to opt-in to this feature.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot.