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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Improving Sales Email Template Reporting

template-reporting.pngWhen you send a lot of email, templates can be a huge timesaver.  But saving time is only one piece of the puzzle - your templates tool should also help you improve the effectiveness of your messages over time. Template reporting in Sidekick for Business is designed to do just that - and today, our reports are getting a makeover.

The new template reporting dashboard in Sidekick for Business is designed to give you deeper insight into which templates are being used across your team, and which templates are most effective at different stages of the sales process. 

While you can of course still see stats on sends, opens, and clicks by message or by member of your team, some noteworthy improvements to the template reporting dashboard include - 

  • Toggle between template metrics and user metrics to compare performance of both different messages, and the activity of different users on your team
  • See template performance over time in the top graph for a quick snapshot of how your teams' overall email effectiveness is evolving over time
  • Easily compare multiple templates or users by checking them off in the table view to see performance plotted on the graph
  • See even more granular graphs by filtering by different metrics, time periods, templates & users
  • Managers can get deeper insight into the volume and performance of every email a user sent and tracked with Sidekick (not just emails that were logged to the CRM)

The new template reporting dashboard is now available to all users of Sidekick for Business, a premium set of tools that works with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce. If you aren't already using Sidekick for Business, you can learn more about Sidekick for Business here.