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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Improvements to Documents in Sidekick for Business

reupload.pngDocuments in Sidekick for Business makes it easy for sales teams to share content, know the instant prospects engage with a piece of content, and understand which pieces of content best support their sales process. Now, using documents is faster and easier than ever.

Some of the improvements you'll notice in Documents - 
  • Re-upload content. Made an update to a document in Sidekick for Business? Now, you can upload a replacement to an existing file instead of creating a new, separate file. Any existing links you've sent to prospects will continue to work, but will now point to the new version of the content.
  • Upload Microsoft Word & Excel files. That's right - Documents in Sidekick for Business now supports uploading Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel files in addition to PDFs & PowerPoint files.
  • Faster upload speeds and a clear, crisp viewing experience every time. New technology powering the back end of the Documents tool means that documents now upload at lighning speed. Prospects viewing documents will enjoy a clear, crisp experience every time.

Want to see for yourself? Upload a document to give it a try.