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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Improvements to Contact Profiles in HubSpot CRM

The contact profile is ground zero for day to day work with your prospects and customers, and we're working hard to make it even better. Today, you'll notice some useful improvements to contacts in HubSpot CRM.

Property History

Ever wonder when or where a specific detail about a contact changed? Property History makes it easy to find out. Now, you can filter through every change that has ever happened to a contact. This is useful for uncovering old data (what was Marianne's phone number three phone numbers ago?), or figuring out when and how a change was made (useful if you have multiple people on your team touching the same contacts, or are using integrations to keep your data up to date.)


Update a Contacts' Photo

Photos help you put a "face to the name", which is particularly useful if you regularly meet with prospects or customers face to face. Now, we've made it possible to edit the photo associated with a contact. This is great for cases where you'd prefer to see a different photo, or in cases where HubSpot wasn't able to find a photo of your contact automatically.

Email Opt-Out & Analytics Exclusion Messages

We're also making it easier to see when a contact has opted out of email or excluded from analytics (useful for Sidekick for Business users.) Now, you'll see a notification on the contact screen when either of these things is true about an individual contact.

Available Today

These updates will be available in your HubSpot CRM account today - take a look at an example contact in your CRM account!