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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Improved suggestions in SEO

Figuring out what to write about for your next blog post is hard work. Either you do a ton of keyword research to aggregate terms about a given topic and try to choose the most relevant one, or, just as likely choose something you hope will resonate, and wing it.

Now, within the SEO tools, we have new and improved topic suggestions to make this process easier. When you go to add a new subtopic keyword, you’ll get suggestions based on the top posts for your topic, ensuring that you cover the most relevant questions people have about it. From there you can also research keyword variations to choose the one with the highest search volume.

How it works:

From your Marketing Hub portal head to SEO and then create a topic or click into an existing one. Click “Add subtopic keyword” and you’ll see the suggestions below the text entry box. You’ll still be able to perform your own keyword research if you’d like.

These suggested subtopic keywords are pulled from the top search results using AI to extract the most important concepts to cover.. This means if you change your topic, the suggestions will change as well.


This is now available for all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise portals, as well as all users of HubSpot CMS.

Note: For now, the topic suggestions feature is only available in English.