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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Improve Collaboration With New Permissions in the Social Tool

Transparency and alignment across your entire team is important when crafting a social media strategy. To boost team collaboration and allow marketers to track trends in social, all social tool users can now see shared social accounts in Monitoring, Publishing, and Reports. This update let's you collaborate with your team, all while maintaining secure admin control on who can actually publish to your company’s social media accounts.

Now, all users, no matter their publishing permission level (All accounts, Their accounts only, or Draft only), are able to see...

  • Social activity in the social monitoring tool
  • Published posts in the social publishing tool, and
  • Performance data in social reports for all shared accounts.

Previously, when users had the “Their accounts only” permission, they would not see posts and data from the portal’s shared social accounts.

This change does not affect publishing permissions. Users with “Their accounts only” will still only have the ability to publish on their social accounts and will not be able to schedule, edit, or delete any post on shared accounts in the portal. See the breakdown of social permissions in our user guide here.