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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Important Changes to Calling from the HubSpot Mobile App

Previously, Sales Hub and Service Hub customers placing calls through the HubSpot mobile app had the option to call via their cell phone provider or via HubSpot Sales Calling (VoIP).


Effective 6/19/19, calls made from the HubSpot mobile app will be made via your cell phone provider and the option to make calls via HubSpot Sales Calling (VoIP) will no longer be available.

This change is intended to create a more consistently reliable calling experience. While calls made via cell phone provider cannot be recorded, you’ll still be prompted to log call outcomes and notes following the call.

As an alternative option, HubSpot calling partners like AirCall and RingOver do have mobile apps that can track calls directly into HubSpot. These are suitable alternatives to our mobile VoIP feature.