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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Import your blog into HubSpot using a CSV File

Bringing your blog over to HubSpot should be a quick and painless experience. This year, we've launched a number of updates to make it easier than ever to get started blogging on HubSpot. 

For example, we recently launched WordPress Connect, which allowed you to import a WordPress blog into HubSpot just by copying over your Blog URL. We also introduced Smart Copy, which will crawl your blog hosted on any CMS, and bring it over to HubSpot.

Today, we're launching the option to import your blog from any CMS into HubSpot through uploading a CSV file. This latest update will make it easier than ever for you to start creating content that attracts visitors to your site right away, instead of fussing over XML files or proper formatting of each and every blog post.

To get started head over to blog settings.

  1. Click Import blog
  2. Click Import new blog
  3. Select CSV file upload

For detailed instructions on how to import your blog into HubSpot using a CSV file, check out this knowledge doc.

The ability to import a blog into HubSpot using a CSV file is now available to all CMS Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as all Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers.