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by: HubSpot Moderator
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[HubSpot Video] How-to-use HubSpot Video in Marketing

What is it?
HubSpot Video is a series of new video features woven throughout the HubSpot platform. This video dives deep into the new marketing video features. 

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HubSpot Video is available exclusively in pro and enterprise versions of the Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs. This means you'll need marketing pro or enterprise to use these new features. 

Why it matters
Humans love video, that’s not changing anytime soon, but the type of video we connect with the most has changed a ton in the last few years. Today, we seek highly personal, authentic, and actionable video. A type of video that most marketers struggle to create. This is tough for marketers who already struggle to justify the ROI of the videos the make now. But at least marketers understand the power of video, many sales and services teams haven’t even considered using video in their process. As a result they miss out on maybe the most powerful tool for building relationships and helping customers.

HubSpot Video brings the power of video to your entire business. It solves some of marketers biggest video challenges (hosting, management, optimization, engagement, and measurement) and helps sales and service teams leverage the power of 1-1 video in their work.

Video in Marketing Hub
The new features give Marketers a simple video hosting and management solution, tools to make their videos actionable, and new landing page and blog post analytics to help them report on impact.

Auth Vidyard Marketing-2

You'll first need to activate HubSpot Video and the new Vidyard integration details from file manager (see gif) above. 

Marketers can embed CTAs directly in videos and report on video success with new video metrics on performance pages. 


Video in editor - Add a CTA-1

HubSpot and Vidyard
The new video features are powered in part by Vidyard, a long time HubSpot integration partner. To activate the new tools you'll need to first accept new integration terms in file manager. 

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