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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

HubSpot Launches Redesigned Template Marketplace, Now Including Modules

HubSpot announced today the launch of a new template marketplace featuring hundreds of powerful web designs that are easily customized to fit any vision or budget – no coding required. Supplied by third-party creators and quality tested by HubSpot, all inventory is publicly available for anyone to explore, comprising themes and new standalone modules


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HubSpot Template Marketplace now includes a new inventory type – standalone modules


Key features

  • The HubSpot Template Marketplace invites you to explore new content to help you on your website building journey, including a collection experience that highlights some of our favorite website themes. 
  • Themes are a cohesive bundle of page templates and design components with plenty of styling options, so you can quickly bring your website to life. 
  • Modules are reusable building blocks that add more functionality to your website, going beyond the basics of a theme. 


Focus on what matters most

Rest assured that templates – both themes and modules – are optimized for search, tested for quality, and designed with time and cost savings in mind. Leave the heavy lifting to us, so you can deliver a delightful customer experience that’s uniquely tailored to your brand. 


Let’s say you work at a nonprofit, where donors are essential, and the best way to keep them invested is through your website. Offering a seamless and secure donation experience is just as important as keeping them informed through video updates, content subscriptions, event calendars, and more. 


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 The donation module, created by MakeWebBetter, is simple to add to your website to ensure a delightful customer experience. 


HubSpot’s new modules give you the tools to deliver a custom website experience, so you can stay connected to your customers and focused on what really matters. 


Empower everyone on your team

With the right tools, anyone can create an engaging website, regardless of technical expertise. The template marketplace is stocked with countless layouts and flexible components, so anyone on your team can quickly turn their vision into reality. 


Maybe you lead an event marketing team that’s constantly creating and updating web pages. From announcing registration and ticket pricing to releasing speaker, sponsor, and agenda details, there are a lot of moving parts to manage. 


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Offered by Stuff & Matters, Inc., the countdown module is a dynamic addition to any event site, building anticipation and excitement for the big day! 


Give your team the hassle-free tools they need to keep web content up to date. 


Tap into the experts

Templates are built by web design and development specialists. This community of creators offers a ton of support and is ready to help you grow your business at any stage. 


Perhaps you’re a product manager who relies on customer feedback to shape your product roadmap. Keep users engaged and accessible by creating a simple landing page with performance statistics, FAQs, upcoming releases, and a feedback form


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Built by Web Canopy Studio, the timeline module is a visually appealing way to display your product roadmap – or any other chronological order of events! 


Getting started

Templates are available to install for anyone with a HubSpot account – free or paid. No need to start from scratch when you have pre-built templates right at your fingertips. 


Browse the Template Marketplace to see what’s new. Filter and search come in handy, or explore collections to view best-of-breed themes, including our latest Best Themes for New Modules.

Questions? Visit the HubSpot Help Center. Interested in building for the HubSpot Template Marketplace? Check out our new template provider resource page and read the HubSpot Developer Changelog.

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