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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

HubSpot Introduces Live Chat Built For Sales Teams

Today, we unveiled messages, a new feature of HubSpot Sales Pro that lets you chat with site visitors in real time.

Chat V1 Copy 4.png

Since launching HubSpot Sales, we’ve focused on introducing human-friendly sales tools that help reps sell in a way that people prefer to buy. Messages, the newest addition to HubSpot Sales, underscores our commitment to helping sales teams build better relationships with their prospects.


Messages is built to be a natural part of your sales process. It works seamlessly with HubSpot CRM so you can route incoming chats to the sales rep who owns that contact in HubSpot. All conversations are automatically synced to the CRM, making it easy to view past conversations, enroll the contact in a sequence or schedule follow up tasks.


Getting started is simple. Just navigate to Sales Tools > Messages and you’ll be guided through setup. Customize the look and feel of your chat widget, create your first message, and establish your message routing options in just a few clicks.


HubSpot Messages is now live to all HubSpot Sales Pro users. Want to learn more about using messages? Join us for an upcoming webinar!

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