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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[HubSpot Connect] - Wistia Integration Update

What’s this integration partner do?
Wistia is professional video hosting, analytics and video marketing tool. Wistia for HubSpot is not a new integration, but they have recently made major updates to their integration, using the new Timeline API. This has allowed them to add some exciting new features.

The Wistia-HubSpot Integration Just Got a Major Update | Wistia Blog

Updates to the Wistia-HubSpot integration
With the updated Wistia-HubSpot integration you can add custom HubSpot forms right into your videos to generate leads or collect new information from existing ones. You can also see video engagement heatmaps on every contact record for a complete view of your leads' interactions. You can use this data to segment contacts, score leads, and personalize nurturing campaigns.

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Who gets it:
Any HubSpot customer (Basic, Pro, Enterprise) who has an Advanced Plan (or above) from Wistia will have access the integration.

How to get started:
If you already have Wistia get started with the integration via this page.

This integration is built and supported by Wistia. Customers can reach out to them for support.

Jonah Silberg, Sales Team Lead,

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

How might marketers use this?
Videos are the most engaging type of content and with the ability to use forms in video, you can now use them to build your owned audience. With the integration you can now segment viewers and track engagement to discover which videos are most successful and why. 

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