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[HubSpot Connect] - TwentyThree Webinar Integration

What does this integration partner do?
TwentyThree is video marketing software that offers hosting, publishing, editing, and video analytics tools. This update is related their newest webinar product and the new HubSpot integration they’ve built to support it.

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What does this integration enable?
This update brings TwentyThree’s new webinar solution into HubSpot. With it you can analyze webinar engagement data to see what viewers are interested in and how they’re engaging. You can now see this information on the contact timeline, along with: which prospect/customers signed up, viewed, engaged, didn’t watch, and the questions they asked during the webinar. You can also improve webinar performance by tailoring targeted smart lists, triggers, and workflows to your viewers.

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How might Sales and Marketing use this integration?
It’s crucial for marketing and sales teams to know how successful campaigns are with their prospects. TwentyThree not only brings your webinar data into HubSpot but also makes it easy to understand. By giving you control over every aspect of design, from landing pages to emails, you will increase your lead conversions and strengthen inbound marketing campaigns.

Who gets it:
TwentyThree offers a special promotion if you are a HubSpot customer or involved in their Partner Program.

How to Integrate:
Setup the integration.

This integration is built and supported by TwentyThree. Customers can reach out to them for support by emailing

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live 

Languages Support?
All languages supported by HubSpot

Integration page: