[HubSpot Connect] Needls Integration

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

What’s this integration partner do?

Social media advertising is hard. Needls make it easy by doing it for you.

How does Needls integrate with HubSpot?

Leverage your HubSpot data to create highly targeted ad campaigns using Needls. Two specific examples:

  • Import your HubSpot contacts automatically to create lookalike and custom audiences for your Facebook and Instagram ads. Needls will test these audiences against other relevant audiences that their data-backed system identifies. This speeds up the optimization process and will help your campaign get the best results possible.
  • Import your HubSpot keywords. Needls will automatically generate hundreds of relevant synonyms to find people who express a need or want for your product or service on social media. By identifying these buying signals, they show your ads to these people for optimal targeting.




How might Marketing and Sales Teams use this?

Ads are hard. And agencies can be expensive. Needls creates, targets, and optimizes your ads for you. A quick example: let’s say you sell gift baskets. A potential customer tweets “Looking for a great gift idea for that someone special.” Needls will automatically pick up on that signal, and display ads directly to that person on Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Combine that power with all your HubSpot data, and you’ve got a powerful solution for expanding the top of your marketing funnel.

How to get started:

Follow the instructions here.

Who gets it:

The integration is free for users of both HubSpot and Needls. Note that Needls is a paid product. Find Needls’ pricing here --- and note that Needls provides a discount to HubSpot customers. Reach out to contact@needls.com or call 1.888.510.1080 for more information.


Needls builds and supports the integration. For support, reach out to support@needls.com.


This integration is now live to all HubSpot and Needls customers. For more information, check out the integration page.