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by: HubSpot Product Team
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[HubSpot Connect] - Lucky Orange Integration

What’s this integration partner do?

Lucky Orange is web analytics software that helps marketers and sales professionals better connect with leads by surfacing exactly how they use your website. You can find this information by accessing real-time dynamic heatmap overlays, screen recordingsand user chat logsAll of this information than added to the HubSpot contact timeline as part of the integration, when a visitor becomes a lead.

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Learn more or install the Lucky Orange integration here. 

Video overview of Lucky Orange

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How does Lucky Orange integrate with HubSpot?

Lucky Orange integrates with the HubSpot Sales and Marketing tools. Once visitors becomes leads in HubSpot, you will be able to see how they interacted with your site via Lucky Orange analytics. Now you can play back a recording of a visitor’s activity, browse through a dynamic heatmap, and read a chat log on the contact’s timeline. This activity can then be used to create lists and segments in HubSpot.

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How-to get started:

2. Enable the integration inside Lucky Orange
3. Activate integration via a contact in HubSpot
Full Integration instructions


This integration is built and supported by Lucky Orange. Customers can reach out to them for support.

How might Marketers and Salespeople use this?

Sales: Before you make a sales pitch or begin a discussion with a lead, use Lucky Orange to watch a Recording of everything that lead did while on your site and review live chats, too. Lucky Orange is like your Sales’ cheat sheet to see exactly what products or services your lead was most interested in and review what questions were asked. Now you are ready to tailor your pitch to be more relevant for that specific lead.

Marketing: Wouldn’t you love to ask your visitors how they used your website and why they are (or are not) converting? Now you can. Lucky Orange gives you a macro-level glimpse at how your audience uses your site through aggregated heatmaps and individual screen recordings. Using this information, you will be able to build lists and segment audience information to personalize your marketing message based on users’ site activity and chat questions.

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