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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

HubSpot Ads & Campaigns integration

Inside HubSpot Ads, you can now associate ad campaigns with Hubspot Campaigns. This update will allow you to clearly see the impact of paid media run through the Ads Add-On in the campaign view as well as sources. In sources you will now see paid campaign data along with the term passed through the ads tracking link.


Ads can amplify your inbound marketing, helping you drive more traffic to landing pages and get more leads from your content. When using ads it’s important to associate campaigns with your overall marketing campaigns.

When creating an ad campaign in HubSpot you can now associate it with a HubSpot Campaign. This works the same in both the AdWords and LinkedIn creation flow. For AdWords you can also edit an existing campaign to associate it with a HubSpot Campaign, doing this will track all of those campaigns from that point onwards.


Make this part of your marketing flow. When launching an ads campaign or using HubSpot Ads to evaluate success, associate your ads with your larger campaigns. This allows you to see the big picture of how ads fit into your marketing mix and evaluate the overall success of your marketing campaigns. 

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