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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

HubSpot Acknowledged as badged Facebook Marketing Partner

Now live in HubSpot - social users can directly schedule and publish content to Instagram. It's on of many powerful, HubSpot built, Facebook integrations. These integrations are part of a larger product investment from HubSpot in Facebook and has earned us recognition from Facebook as an official marketing partner. 

Learn more about this partnership here. 

How does HubSpot integrate with Facebook? 

HubSpot Social:

Facebook integration
HubSpot social users can create, schedule, and publish content inside HubSpot, including video content. You can also use HubSpot to monitor your Facebook business pages.

Instagram Integration
You can now schedule and publish content directly to Instagram from HubSpot. When you do you’ll see basic analytics for your posts.

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HubSpot Ads: 
Real ROI Tracking: HubSpot Ads goes beyond traditional ad metrics like impressions, clicks, and cost-per-click to report on actual leads and ROI generated by every Facebook campaign.

Lead Ads: You can create these powerful lead-generating ads right inside of HubSpot. But all you need to do is connect HubSpot and Facebook to have the leads you generate jump right into HubSpot as contacts.


Audience Sync: Facebook has some powerful ad targeting, that get dramatically better when they are informed by your existing customer data. That is the idea behind audience sync. Which allows you to turn any HubSpot list into a targeting audience or Lookalike.

Messenger: Increasingly visitors, leads, and customers would rather have a quick, Messenger-based chat with your business than talk on the phone or email. In fact, people and businesses send 2 billion messages back and forth via Messenger each month. Our Messenger plans will help you build an experience to meet these folks where they prefer to communicate with context.

Learn more about our work with Facebook here.