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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

[Heads Up] Workflows Technical Limit

What is it:

Starting Dec 15, 2017 we’ll start enforcing a technical limit of 500 workflows per portal. This includes all workflows that show up in the Workflows tool, including inactive workflows.

This limit  helps us ensure quality of service and prevents situations where a few portals overload our system. At the moment only 0.5% of all portals have over 500 workflows, so the impact of this change should be small. 

Learn more about HubSpot Service Limits. 

Enforcement starts Dec 15, 2017

Who does this impact?
Pro and Enterprise customers with over 500 workflows. 

How it works?
If you’re within 10 workflows of the limit (between 490-500 workflows), we will show a warning in-app to let you know:

heads up.png

Once you reach the limit, we will disable the ability to create more workflows (including cloning, and from the API) and show you a message with the advice to make room by deleting old workflows. 

workflow limit.png

Rollout and grandfathering:
Come enforcement date (12/15) we will whitelist all users who are currently over the limit, as well as customers who are within 10% of the limit (450 workflows or more). Anyone who exceeds the limit after that will see the messaging outlined above and disabled workflow creation.